Antepost betting for NFL champion

The first weeks of the 2012/2013 season in the NFL are already gone and it is the time to make the first serious antepost betting prediction for the winner in the league. That’s why we will take a quick look at the proposed odds from the different betting houses.

It seems that four are the main favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2013. The teams of Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots get the lowest odds for the winner in the league. On this group the betting houses add the team of Atlanta Falcons although I don’t think they have many chances for final victory.

betting on nfl

If you bet on Houston Texans as the winner in the NFL you will get odds of 6. Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers have a 7.5 and New England Patriots – 9. Just nine is the odds for the final victory of Atlanta Falcons.

Further down on the bookies’ preferences, but let’s face it with really minimal chances for winning, are the teams of Baltimore Ravens with 11 odds, New York Giants with 17 and Philadelphia Eagles whose probable win is estimated of 23.

If you want to gamble and bet a pound just for the thrill of high odds, you can try by staking for a final victory in NFL for Cleveland Browns. This will bring you odds of 501, but more importantly, it will bring you world fame as a Master of connoisseur stakes in American football. I guarantee you that you will be the only one who would bet on Cleveland’s win.

Of course, betting for the winner at this early stage of the season has its advantages. One of them is that this betting way allows with a good prediction to gain high coefficients. When your team begins to win a victory after a victory thus the odds for the team fall, you can ensure your bet as winning, regardless of the outcome of the season. Some betting houses offered such an option, which is certainly a very interesting option and deserves attention.

A different way of using Martingale

I guess you’ve heard of the Martingale betting system whatever betting experience you have. There is hardly a more popular betting system, although it is certainly the most dangerous and inappropriate system that might fall into your hands. However, in the next few lines I am going to write about an option to play the martingale, which may not be so dangerous, even though one wrong decision can empty your entire bank.

What are we talking about? Usually Martingale is used with odds above 2. This is because higher odds allow less investment in the different stages of this betting system. The higher coefficients you bet on, the less money you are going to put into the system. However, this leads to the problem of accumulation of many unearned bets and ultimately an increase of the total funds invested.

betting on martingale

But what happens if you turn the method of betting? Let’s bet on some super strong favourites, even if you do it with more money. In this way we will guarantee a higher success rate and will hardly reach a point where our bank will be compromised. Moreover, betting on favourites will guarantee higher profits at the end because we will have more successful bets in general.

If you do a quick survey of the matches in Spain last season, you will see that neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid had a series of more than two games without a win. In England, Manchester City and Manchester United also performed well and did not allow more than a series of three games without a victory.

This is a guaranteed profit for those who choose this bet. Of course, there is a huge risk to come to a few matches without a victory for the team you’ve chosen to bet on. This could result in losing your entire bank in no time. Unfortunately, there is no betting system that ensures secure profits and surely this is not the Martingale system, which is the riskiest of all.

Either way, the bettors must always keep in mind that they could lose everything in a moment. It is a rule proved by the experience of every punter around the world.

Betting prediction for Inter Milan vs Rubin Kazan

By the will of the draw Inter and Rubin Kazan will play in the first round of Group H of the Europa League. The two strongest teams in the group are in the company of Partizan Belgrade and Neftchi Baku, who are going to play in the other match of the group.

The match between Inter Milan and Rubin will surely be extremely controversial and of particular importance for the final standings in the group. If the Russian team gets something from this match, their chances to take the first place in the group increased significantly.

betting prediction

To qualify for the Europa League Inter had to go through two qualifying rounds. The team eliminated Hajduk Split and Vaslui from Romania, but curiously, Inter failed to beat any of these teams at home. They went through because of victories as a guest. Inter won both matches by 0-2.

The unconvincing performance of the team from Milan as host continues in Serie A, where Inter made another loss. It came in the second round from Roma with 1:3. However, Inter managed to make two wins as a guest.

The guests from Kazan can’t boast with a great performance so far either. In the Russian championship the team has 4 wins and 4 losses. Moreover, Rubin conceded two consecutive losses in the last two rounds of the championship. The team lost as a host with 1:2 from Terek Grozny and as a guest from Lokomotiv Moscow with 1-0.

Personally, I believe that the chances of Rubin against Inter will not be in Milan, but rather in Russia when the winter comes and makes the match conditions more difficult. I am not saying that the Russian players won’t try to win in Italy, but simply the class of Inter’s players will say its word.

Betting houses naturally present as a major favourite in the match Inter, offering for their win odds of 2, which is a more than excellent bet for an Italian team at home. This will be my betting prediction for this match. I expect Inter to win at home against Rubin Kazan.